A local music fan who was, this afternoon, thirsting for a bit of Neil Young’s “Old Man” on Spotify has openly questioned who “Joe Bogan” is. After failing to find the certified banger on the music streaming platform, Peter McTaggert did a quick Google search to investigate why the song was no longer available on Spotify.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, McTaggert said, “Who is this Joe Bogan anyway? And what’s he playing at? Youngy is a fucking legend, and as much as I insist that vinyl offers the ultimate listening experience, I can’t be arsed trawling through my whole collection just to hear that one song. Be stuffed if I can work out how to get the YouTube working.”

While disappointed to hear that Young’s admirable bluff has backfired on this occasion, McTaggert claimed the legendary rocker was arguably delivering a stronger message now that Spotify chose Joe Rogan. McTaggert said, “Let’s be honest, the longer Neil Young is off Spotify, the more attention this whole fiasco will get. The hatred of old mate Bogan will just intensify. I mean, before this, I’d never heard of the joker, but now I want his blood.”

Header image via Unsplash.