Luigi, of the world-famous Mario Brothers, has finally broken his silence over the brutal fire hydrant snub that’s been plaguing Bundoora for a couple of years now. As part of the colourful, and otherwise pleasing, series of decorated fire hydrants dotted around the local area, a neatly painted Mario hydrant has stood proudly on Cameron Parade for quite a while now, but Luigi has so far been ignored.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about the callous snub, Luigi said, “It’s taken me a this long to muster the courage to talk about this. I mean, I am a used to this kind of thing, but that doesn’t make it a any easier. Why is there no Luigi on this a fire hydrants? Who knows?

“We’re called the ‘Mario Brothers’, but a people always seem to a forget about me. I don’t know. It’s a very strange. Mario, he’s a bit of a jerk, you know, whenever people stop us in the street and ask me to take a photo of them with Mario, he always a laugh. Every time. I hate him.”