A local man has flexed his overwhelming financial prosperity by highlighting the fact he has separate brooms for his frontyard and backyard. Yes, you heard that correctly, David Fleming has two outdoor brooms on his property, saving him the ignominy of having to transport a broom between the two different areas of his house.

Fleming casually mentioned this middle-class indulgence during a WhatsApp discussion with friends over the weekend, and the reaction was lively to say the least. While most of his friends expressed mock admiration during the WhatsApp exchange, some were left reeling by the revelation, with one contacting The Watsonia Bugle last night to express his displeasure.

The friend, who requested strict anonymity, said, “Look, I knew Davo earned a decent crust, but this is just rubbing our faces in it. I mean, seriously, this is a different kind of suburban wealth. Here I am, lugging my sole broom from the frontyard to the backyard like a complete schmuck. And he’s over there at his place living the high life. Forget the fancy cars, forget the awesome holidays, forget the opulent houses, this is the kind of subtle flex that gives a true indication of personal wealth.”