Following news late last year that its older brother Watsonia had reached the lofty heights of being one of Melbourne’s newest million-dollar suburbs, the peaceful hamlet of Watsonia North has now joined the elite company of Millionaire’s Mile. In a recent report released by REIV, Watsonia North recorded a median house price of $1,007,500 in the last quarter, earning it the prestigious place of third last on Melbourne’s list of suburbs containing average house prices of over a million dollars.

Locals suggest the official recognition is long overdue, with many claiming that Watsonia North has been the true jewel of the Diamond Valley all along. However, residents living south of Grimshaw Street point to Watsonia North’s previous title as the “least walkable suburb in Melbourne” as a leading reason for why it’s only just hitting the big financial milestone now.

However, one long-time Watsonia North resident said the recognition was long overdue. Barry Nelson said, “Mate, this joint is way better than all the surrounding suburbs. Sure, we share a postcode with Watsy, and we like to use their train station and visit their central business district, but the moment you cross back over Grimshaw Street is the moment when life instantly gets better. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s just better. You don’t have all the hustle and bustle of Watsonia, but you can still grab a coffee and visit one of their two bakeries when you need to. It’s the best of both worlds.”

But not all homeowners in Watsonia North have welcomed the neat windfall, with one anonymous local saying, “Shhh, the last thing we need around here is a bunch of swanky hipsters to come in here and try to gentrify the quiet streets of Watsy North. This joint is the best kept secret in all of the northern suburbs, and I don’t want it to get pushed out of the price range of average hard-working Australians. Now that Binnak Park’s been done up, I can see all them Watsy wankers coming across and discovering what we’ve been enjoying all these years. No thanks!”