Thursday night beers have been confirmed as the official beginning of the end of the working week, thanks to the assertations of an enthusiastic binge drinker that took to social media this afternoon. Luke Prendergast simply posted an image of a frosty stubby in his hand at around 4.20pm this afternoon, accompanied by the caption: “The week is almost over!”

While that single announcement can’t be seen as concrete proof of the power of drinking beers on a Thursday night, the comments section in the post seemed to provide overwhelming confirmation, as friends and relatives agreed with the sentiment — some even sharing images of them also drinking beer. Comments such as, “Oath mate”, “It certainly is”, and “Absolutely Big Man!” were among the strongest endorsements, as Prendergast no doubt continued to toast as the evening wore on.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle a short time ago, Prendergast said, “Yeah man, I bloody love Thursdays, hey. It’s almost like it’s leapfrogged Fridays as the best night for knock off drinks. I mean, everyone knows Fridays are good and that, so Thursdays are kind of this cheeky little chance to squeeze a few in before battling through one more day on the tools. Gotta love it, mate.”