A local father says he was terribly unimpressed by his daughter’s underwhelming response to the shiny clock at Melbourne Central, suggesting her lukewarm reaction ruined an otherwise pleasant outing into the city yesterday. Luke Hamilton contacted The Watsonia Bugle to express his displeasure, claiming 4-year-old Mia just stood there during the hourly animation, yawned, and then asked if she could play on his phone until the song finished.

Hamilton said he’d carefully planned an eventful Thursday in the CBD with his daughter, partly to show her around her home city, but also to support businesses in Melbourne as outer suburban types started to return to the big smoke. He said, “We’ve hardly been in there for the last two years. I reckon the last visit with Mia was Moomba 2020, and she was only about two years old then so probably doesn’t remember. So, I’d mapped it all out, you know, train along the Hurstbridge Line, the steps at Flinders Street Station, the City Circle tram, lunch on Southbank, the works.

“Then we did Melbourne Central and I was super pumped for clock unveiling. It used to be a big deal back in the 90s. Like, better than the Myer Christmas windows if you ask me. And I timed it to perfection, we got there just before 3pm. It was all set, and Mia just stood there like she wasn’t witnessing the artistic amalgamation of horology, Australiana, and just quality craftsmanship in general. Once my initial anger subsided, I was just totally dejected. It was a very quiet train ride home to Watsonia, let me tell you.”

Original photo sources: here and here.