A local park bin has miraculously emptied after being complained about on social media, potentially changing decades of best-practice waste management procedures. The incredible event reportedly occurred earlier this week, after a disapproving post appeared on a community Facebook page about a bin left overflowing from a particularly festive gathering.

If this new method becomes a trend, it could remove the previously preferred options of calling the local council directly to politely inform them of the situation, or doing a good deed for society by cleaning up the mess yourself. While neither of those options are obviously as satisfying as airing your grievances in a public forum and taking the opportunity to morally grandstand, they have actually served the community fairly well in recent decades.

One local resident, who requested strict anonymity, accused the new method of being “symptomatic of our vapid modern society”. They also said, “It drives me mad! Instead of actually doing something practical about it, people just bitch about stuff on those pages. On Monty Life the other day, someone literally complained about the fact that nobody else had complained about some trees being chopped down. I mean, seriously.”