A respected local astronomer has claimed that the iconic wall that runs along The Circuit in Greensborough can be seen from outer space. Daniel Granger made the claims earlier this week on his niche blog entitled “Granger Things Have Happened”, and has spent much of the proceeding days defending his spectacular proclamation.

While such a bold statement is normally reserved for more famous human-made structures like the Great Wall of China, Granger said, “Technology has come a long way in the last 30 or 40 years. Traditionally it was just the Great Wall, but now other iconic human-made structures are visible from outer space – especially eyesores like that wall that runs around the lower perimeter of Greensborough Plaza. On a clear day, the guys in the International Space Station could definitely zoom in on that wall.”

Preliminary calls to NASA have so far proven futile, so we’re pretty much just going to have to take Granger’s word on this one.