The suburb of Watsonia is reportedly considering purchasing a bargain-basement logo from Facebook Marketplace. The listing, which first appeared online yesterday afternoon, claims the emblem was designed for a “high-end client but was rejected at the last minute due to creative differences”.

While the pointed design looks quite familiar, the seller insists that the logo is not a slight rework of the one that caused headlines earlier this week as a failed symbol for the Prime Minister’s Women’s Network. The advertisement says, “Don’t be a dick and be tricked into thinking this is that logo knocked back by the government. This is legit. Serious offers only.”

However, at least one local graphic designer is not convinced. Belinda Narwol said, “Look, I’ll be honest, I get aroused by how good Watsonia is, but I don’t think we need a throbbing member as our suburb’s logo. Plus I think this design has too much baggage to be successful here. It kind of rubs people up the wrong way, I think. They’d be better off selling to someone overseas.”