Australian television icon Ray Martin has reportedly been called in to mediation talks between Chris Rock and Will Smith following their over-publicised altercation at the Oscars earlier this week. Sources close to the two Hollywood stars say they were compelled to contact Martin thanks to his ability to defuse what had previously been known as the biggest fight on live television.

Back in 1991, Martin was hosting his award-winning The Midday Show when an argument broke out between two guests who were debating the pros and cons of Australia becoming a republic. Seemingly incensed by persistent baiting, singer Normie Rowe got out of his chair and confronted broadcaster Ron Casey, who eventually threw a retaliatory punch at Rowe, before cool as a cucumber Martin called for a commercial break and defused the situation.

And it seems Martin’s calm demeanour all those years ago didn’t go unnoticed in Hollywood, with the now-retired presenter currently on his way to Los Angeles to commence talks between the two feuding parties.

More to come.