A staggering multi-million dollar house sale in Greensborough over the weekend has many local residents questioning whether Watsonia’s esteemed “Paris End” actually now exists over the border in our neighbouring suburb. The record-breaking $2.685 million sale of a property in Viewgrand Way has numerous Greensborough residents claiming they live in the true jewel of the north, while Watsonia residents are left to polish their multiple top suburb awards.

With online chatter being traded across the border ever since Saturday’s historic auction result, the Diamond Valley remains divided over which suburb is the best. However, long-time Watsonia resident Darryl Benson remains steadfast in his opinion that Watsonia offers a much more cultured and refined experience than the wilds of Greensborough. Benson said, “Money doesn’t buy class, my friend. They take their millions, it doesn’t matter. Watsonia is the true king of the north, and all the others are just playing for second place.”

On the other side of the argument, proud Greensborough resident Callum Johnson claims his superb sits at the epicentre of the Diamond Valley. He said, “When you think about it, Greensborough is a bit like that Arc de Triomphe roundabout, you know, all roads lead to Greensy. It’s where everything happens. We’ve got the plaza, we’ll have a really cool train station soon, and you pretty much can’t get anywhere around here with at least driving through the 3088 somehow. So yeah, we are the Paris End of the Diamond Valley, both literally and figuratively.”

Original image: Unsplash.