A machiavellian local mother has just pre-emptively ruined Easter by buying no-name chocolate for the whole family this afternoon. Insisting that it “tastes just as good as Cadbury”, Melanie Hughes made the economically-sound decision during her weekly shop at Aldi.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle immediately after her controversial purchase, Hughes said, “I know I’m going to cop flack for this, but I stand by my decision. Choceur’s recipe has actually improved over the years, and you can get them for a fraction of the price. I should do a blind taste test on the kids to see if they can genuinely tell the difference. Just like with clothes, they’re blinded by the brand names.”

Meanwhile, Hughes’ husband later contacted us to suggest his wife’s plan was destined to fail. He said, “This has disaster written all over it. Those kids are savages, and they won’t hesitate to deliver some very direct feedback. I’m just not sure Mel needs to be hearing that on Easter Sunday. You know, a day that’s for family to spend time together. Things could get real grim here.”