A bottle shop in country Victoria has successfully cornered the visiting bogan market with an unbeatable “Bag of Beam” offer that was simply too good to refuse. Basing the deal on the “a six pack is just never enough” theory, the liquor outlet put seven cans of Jim Beam premix into a white plastic bag, placed them in the fridge, and waited for them to literally fly off the shelves.

The Watsonia Bugle was on location yesterday to interview bogans as they skipped out of the bottle shop happily grasping their “Bags of Beam”. According to one of them, “I just couldn’t walk past that deal, mate. How good? Seven cans of white death for $26. Plus, them plastic bags are worth a bit back in Melbourne these days.”

Staff at the bottle shop said the community response to the deal had been, at times, overwhelming. One worker said, “They reckons country people are a bit bogan, but there’s nothing more scozza than an outta suburban Melbournite getting out of the city for the weekend. They go mad for it.”