A thorough sweep of social media this morning has uncovered some major discrepancies in representing the actual size of the Easter Bunny’s feet. Local man Darren Larson contacted The Watsonia Bugle this morning with the scoop, suggesting there’s up to a two-metre range in estimated heights of the magical rabbit, claiming this could really confuse children.

Larson said he’d analysed “around 50 or so” social media posts across both the Facebook and Instagram platforms this morning while working his way through a Humpty Dumpty gift box, and suggested a more uniform approach for next year’s festivities. He said, “I mean, seriously, the bloke’s either a regular-sized bunny or a seven-foot behemoth! The range in potential heights is staggering. What are the kids supposed to think about all this? I guess it’s lucky they don’t have Facebook yet.”

In fact, Larson was so confounded by the differences in footprints he said he hadn’t even started to tackle the age-old argument of whether the footprints should be made IN scattered self-raising flour, or actually composed OF self-raising flour. He said, “Mate, I’m only one man. I wasted enough time this morning collating the different foot sizes, maybe I’ll tackle the composition conundrum next year. Right now, it’s time for a nap.”