A local Carlton fan claims he’s unsure how to handle his favourite AFL team’s current return to form, privately suggesting that he’s worried the newfound success will go to his head. Matthew Harrison has told The Watsonia Bugle that after more than two decades of pain, he’s not ready to accept that the Blues are the real deal in 2022.

Harrison said, “It’s really caught me by surprise to be honest. I mean, normally with a new coach it takes a couple of years to click. So, I’m not sure how to behave. Do we return to the full-blown arrogance of the mid-90s and just start rorting the salary cap again? Or should we be humble about our new lofty position, kind of like Richmond fans have been since 2017? Haha, I think you know the answer.”

Harrison also claimed Carlton’s resurgence had impacted his working habits. Having worked from home for much of the last two years, Harrison reported a renewed interest in returning to his city office. He said, “I’m not gonna lie, there were plenty on Mondays in the last 20 years when I wished I could have worked from home, but this year it’s been different. I just want to be around people, you know. Funny isn’t it?”