A Watsonia father-of-two has reluctantly conceded that Chilli Heeler is his new celebrity crush. Pete Bradshaw made the confession last night after dinner when pressed by his wife, who had earlier told the family, somewhat predictably, that Hugh Jackman was her favoured celebrity crush.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle this morning to reflect on his brave admission, Bradshaw said, “Look, don’t judge me. I mean, they’ve obviously humanised those dogs in the show, so I’m not into anything creepy. I just think Chilli is a cool chick.”

Meanwhile, Bradshaw’s wife privately admitted that she was not impressed by her husband’s new love interest. Sharon Bradshaw said, “This is just really hurtful, to be honest. I mean, I used to get upset if his celebrity crush was blonde, because I’m a brunette. But for it to now not even be a human?! This is all just too much!”