A local group of hooligans who yell cliches at park cricketers as they pass grounds during summer have commenced their pre-season. Devoted to the timeless practice of yelling “HOWZAT?!” as they drive past suburban cricket grounds, these hoons say they put in at least a month of preparation in each year before the park cricket season begins in October.

The self-appointed leader of the hoons, Brad Hughes, said “Yeah mate, it’s a pretty serious business the old yelling stuff at cricketers. We bloody love it mate. We mainly work on the ‘HOWZAT?!’ because that’s the most proven method, but every now and then we yell a bit of ‘GOT HIM YES!’ just to mix it up a bit. It’s absolutely hilarious, you should see the faces on those blokes that are stupid enough to spend every Saturday in summer standing around in ridiculous white clothes watching grass grow.”

Despite the apparent enthusiasm on behalf of these hoons, local cricketer Timmy Owen said, “It’s actually embarrassing mate. Pretty much every Saturday in my 20-year cricket career at least one bell end drives past and yells out ‘HOWZAT?!’ And they always seem to think that they’re the first ones to ever do it. Haven’t these morons got anything better to do?”