A local cricket fan has controversially claimed that the city of Sydney should be banned from hosting the New Years Test, following another rain-interrupted start to the annual event. Dane Young made the big call early this morning in a rambling Facebook post, apparently disappointed at having to wait to see Usman Khawaja notch his double century against the Proteas.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about his pain, Young said, “It seems like every year now, it just rains and rains. And Day 1 of this years Test the morons even scheduled a Big Bash game in Sydney that night. Guess what, it got washed out. Meanwhile, down here in Melbourne, the sun’s out and it’s bloody beautiful weather. They should just roll on from the Boxing Day Test and have the New Years Test at the MCG. Seriously.”

Young said the lack of consistent play at the SCG this week was compounded by the fact he was back at work and needing something to help pass the time. He said, “Mate, I’m in the home office, most people are still on holidays, so it’s pretty quiet at work. A bit of cricket on in the background would really take the edge off my return to the harsh realities of adulthood. C’mon Sydney, give me something!”