Nothing says “Happy New Year” louder than the promise of a new licensed venue in your home town. And that’s exactly what seems to be happening to the good people of Watsonia in 2023, with a planning permit recently appearing on the front door of the old chemist / shoe shop / hardware activation / abandoned store front at the utilities end of our thriving central business district.

This development comes after the recent grand opening of the Watsonia Wine Bar, which ended years of campaigning for such a venue in our popular suburb. And while some locals may argue the wisdom behind having two similar venues within a spiralling torpedo punt from each other, to quote that innovative young girl in the enduring Old El Paso ad: “Why don’t we have both?”

The good people of Watsonia have lusted after an intimate drinking venue for many years, and now we’ll be spoilt for choice. In fact, we could almost have a bar crawl now, and wouldn’t that just be lovely. Starting at the OG wine bar, wandering up to the newbie, swinging past Liquorland for a quick traveller, and then finishing at the RSL for a delicious parma and a few more drinks.

More to come.