A rather quaint local street art tradition seems to have been reignited at Greensborough Park, with a witches hat mysteriously appearing on top of a goal post. On display just down the road from the Diamond Valley’s most famous street art installation, the hat has delighted and confounded local residents in equal measure, with many now on the lookout for more art works.

The witches hat phenomenon first rose to prominence back in August 2017, when we reported that one was perched on the public toilet on Watsonia Road, and then a series of copycat attempts were spotted across neighbouring suburbs. However, this latest work is the first seen for a while, and definitely the most daring, with local street art enthusiasts debating whether the hat was spectacularly flipped onto the top of the goal post, or someone climbed up to the top and gently placed it there.

Local gallery curator Stefan Nowtrovski said the latest installation is “an intriguing juxtaposition exploring the nuances of suburban life”. He also said, “To the untrained eye, this is just a traffic control tool misplaced on the top of a sporting goods tool. But to me, it means so much more. It portrays a message, and really speaks to its audience. It’s defiant. Rebellious. Anti-establishment. You could say it’s an emblem of our time. A call to arms. To its very core, this is an exquisite piece.”