Following a wait long enough to give anyone a decent thirst, it seems Watsonia is closer than ever to getting its very own wine bar! Signage recently appeared on the long-expected site, so it seems it’s only a matter of time before local drinkers start forming an orderly queue out the front to be amongst the lucky first patrons.

A collective “Wooooo!” was first heard ringing over Watsonia in January this year when news broke of the long-awaited venue opening at the old dry cleaners, and excitement is expected to be at fever pitch on opening night. This good news follows a long and arduous campaign from local wine enthusiasts, at one point even dragging in local government identity Mark Di Pasquale, who was subsequently anointed as Watsonia’s patron saint of wine drinkers.

As reporters of news that matters to the people of Watsonia, we’ve been following the developments for a number of years now, with the push for the venue once so strong that it made it all the way to the esteemed pages of the Herald Sun. Here at The Watsonia Bugle, our favourite proposed design was the giant wine cask, but it seems that fell by the wayside like all of our other ambitious attempts to get something giant erected in our beautiful suburb.

At one point, there was even a suggestion that sleepy Watsonia North would get the first venue. And neighbouring Greensborough famously rubbed salt into our dehydrated wounds by beating us to the punch, but the stoic residents of Watsonia have held true.

So, as you settle into this extra long weekend, pause and raise a glass to progress. Watsonia will soon be blessed with its very own wine bar. Good things happen to good people. We’re on here!