A local 30-something claims he is struck by an intense wave of sensuality each time he hears “Sway” by Bic Runga, saying it’s the perfect example of the human brain’s ability to unlock poignant memories when it identifies familiar sounds. While Dave Lewis conceded that he didn’t officially get lucky until well into the 2000s, he said the memory of hearing “Sway” play during the penultimate montage in 1999’s cult-classic film American Pie always transports him to a very sexy place in time.

Speaking candidly with The Watsonia Bugle earlier this week, Lewis said, “What can I say, mate? It really takes me back. That whole montage in American Pie is mad hot, but Mena Suvari… yes please! As soon as I hear the opening bars of that song, it takes me to a very sexy place. Like, really sexy.”

Meanwhile, friends of Lewis have less pleasant memories of his close association with the song, claiming he has developed an unhealthy obsession with both the lyrics and the melody. One friend, who requested strict anonymity for fear of reprisals, revealed that, “It’s all a bit much really. I mean, we all like to get nostalgic from time to time, but Dave really looks back on his past through rose-coloured glasses. I think he confuses the wildness and debauchery of American teen movies with his actually quite boring adolescence. I mean, all he did was sit in his room and play video games. He hardly left his house. But he always talks about all these keg parties with red plastic cups and games of spin the bottle. He’s dreaming.”