Rumours are circulating that Collingwood forward Jack Ginnivan has come up with an innovative way to beat this weekend’s price gouge on flights between Melbourne and Sydney. Sources close to the polarising footballer claim he’s adamant you can fly a decent distance without an aeroplane, and just need a slight push in the general direction of your destination.

An anonymous source said, “Yeah mate, he reckons just start running in the general direction of Sydney and then get someone to apply some minor force to your back region and that’s enough to propel you the rest of the way. I’m not convinced it would work, but he reckons it’s a goer.”

And it seems Ginnivan has recent form with this unconventional form of air travel, having recently gone into orbit during the Qualifying Final against Geelong. However, it remains somewhat unclear just how much force is required from behind to get a person airborne, with many Collingwood supporters insisting that it would take a really big push from Zach Guthrie – but not everyone agrees.