A Watsonia man is insisting that the “Grown Ups” franchise is the greatest in cinematic history, recently telling friends that the two movies deserve a lot more kudos than they currently receive. Stuart Fraser made the big call last weekend at a barbecue with mates, and was widely criticised by all in attendance.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle late last night about his controversial hypothesis, Fraser said, “I stand by my claims. Forget Star Wars, forget Lord of the Rings, forget Harry Potter. Grown Ups 1 and 2 form the greatest cinematic franchise in history. They’re absolute classics, both of them. And my mates are just too desperate trying to be high-brow to admit this.”

When asked if he could distil the true essence of his belief into a couple of sentences, Fraser said, “There’s just such an undeniable accessibility to the heart-warming humour of those two incredible films. The unpretentious approach to comedy allows the viewer to truly lose themself in the gags, and just laugh their arse off. Plus, it’s got soul as well. There’s a very true heart in the middle of all this hilarity. So, there’s something for everyone.”