An Eltham mother has publicly expressed her dismay at the amount of sand her 3-year-old son brings home in his shoes from creche each day. Stella Prindle made the exasperated remarks in a rambling Facebook post last night, openly questioning how her local childcare centre manages to cover such a substantial loss of sand over a five-day period.

When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle to elaborate on her concern, Prindle was only too happy to oblige. Among other things, she said, “Seriously, he brings home a cubic metre of sand in his shoes each week and, of course, he always manages to empty the contents of his shoes onto the highest traffic areas in our house, where it gets distributed to just about every room. Every. Single. Day.”

While admitting that her main point of angst was the amount of cleaning up required in her own home, Prindle also relayed her concern about the cost of such a frequent and substantial removal of sand from her local childcare centre. She said, “I mean, how do they keep re-stocking their sandpits? It must cost them a fortune. I reckon they should place big buckets at the entrance to the centre and make every kid empty the contents of their shoes into the buckets before they’re allowed to leave each afternoon.”