Sitting amongst mates at his local watering hole, Viewbank man Ken Admonson has claimed that his pink button-up shirt is indisputable evidence that he is in touch with his feminine side. This claim flies in the face of the fact Admonson regularly refers to cooking and cleaning as “women’s work”, and has never actually set foot in the laundry in his house despite living there for the past eight years.

One of Admonson’s friends, who asked not to be named, referred to the claims as “absolute bullshit”, going on to describe Ken as one of the most chauvinistic blokes that he knows. The friend said “It’s such a joke, as if the colour of one shirt changes the fact that he treats his missus like a personal slave. He only wears that stupid shirt because he actually thinks he looks good in it. He’s completely delusional.”

Admonson’s claims come just a week after a government report stated that men wearing pink shirts is no longer the bold and seemingly controversial move that it once was in the mid-1990s. The report said “Men wearing pink-coloured shirts has now become so commonplace that it is not even worth commenting on”.  The report is expected to be tabled in parliament this week.

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