Watsonia man Derek Francis has vowed never to help colleagues at work again after being accused one too many times of mansplaining. The term “mansplaining” has gained recent popularity and is said to describe the way a chauvinistic man explains a basic concept to a seemingly helpless female companion. 

Derek, a self confessed “old fashioned bloke” claims he just likes to help people, male or female, but his goodwill has been recently stretched to the limit. He explains, “The other day I was giving a girl at work directions to the local train station and someone piped up with ‘oh Derek, stop mansplaining to her!’ Bloody hell, all I was doing was giving directions! From now on, if someone wants to know where the train station is – man, woman or child – I’ll tell the ungrateful bastards to Google it.”

While the stance may seem extreme, Derek explained that the accusations have struck to the very core of his being. “I’ve got a couple of daughters meself, so people saying that I’m being sexist has really pissed me off. I’ve had enough of it.”