There has finally been some movement at a disused shopfront on Watsonia Road, after years of nothing on an otherwise prime piece of retail real estate. While no signage has been put in place, unlike the celebrated announcement of the opening of Kebab Nation, two large skips have been parked out the front of the site, and workers have been seen entering the building. Whispers have spread around the Watsonia community speculating what the new store may be. 

For many years, the site has essentially been an abandoned delicatessen as the fading sign of its previous iteration has faded in the sun of many silent summers. Residents have regularly commented on the potential of such a retail property, with many a day dreamer fantasising about opening a successful business in the retail hub of Watsonia. 

Now it seems someone has put their money where their mouth is, but what will it be? Will it be another pizza shop? Watsonia only has four. Will it be a third bakery? We really love pies and sausage rolls. Or will it be a trendy burger joint, as this is possibly the only hole in a flooded takeaway food marketplace? Only time will tell…