Clumsy little blood nut Norman Price, a recurring character in children’s show Fireman Sam, is estimated to have cost the fire department over one million dollars over the last three years due to a string of mind-numbing errors and epic failures. The annoying little flame-haired clutz is continually getting himself into sticky situations that require the immediate assistance of the local fire department. While Fireman Sam seems to take it all in his stride, some locals suggest it’s time Norman’s parents start paying a “stupid tax” for their son. 

According to one local resident, the monetary cost of the numerous rescue operations is actually a minor concern when weighed against the constant risk faced by Sam and his team, especially the equally clumsy, and unimaginatively named, Elvis. The anonymous resident said, “the kid’s an idiot. Surely the fire department has better things to do than fish that dirty ranga out of wells, rescue him at sea, and climb some tree to rescue his equally moronic cat.”

While local government dismissed the introduction of a stupid tax, they did float the radical possibility of sending Norman to “juvie” if he continues to make catastrophic errors of judgement. The same anonymous resident responded to that suggestion with, “maybe that’ll knock some sense into the ginger, or at least teach him some discipline”.