All takeaway joints in industrial estates across the entire nation have received National Trust listings in recognition of their cultural significance and contribution to our society. The new listing protects these cultural icons and provides official endorsement of one of Australia’s most lasting and beloved traditions.

It seems every industrial estate across the nation has a number of essential features: 

  • an abandoned warehouse
  • a “gentleman’s club”
  • numerous mechanics
  • a takeaway joint that sells delicious deep fried goods and makes hearty chicken schnitzel rolls/sandwiches.

These humble takeaway joints are the sole reason for the invention of the bain marie, an ingenious piece of machinery that both maintains the edibility of deep fried foods and displays them to potential customers. The store is almost always family-run, with a minimum of two family members onsite at all times. 

Another National Trust protected feature is the presence of at least one perennially grumpy staff member, who rolls their eyes frequently and mumbles derogatory obscenities about you under their breath when you ask for avocado on your roll instead of margarine or butter. In addition to these essential features, each staff member must have their own unique billing technique, meaning that you can buy the exact same item each day but be charged a slightly different amount depending on who serves you.  

We salute the latest National Trust listing, and will sleep easily tonight knowing that the presence of the industrial estate takeaway joint in our community is now preserved for future generations.