Residents on Webster Crescent are in a constant state of confusion over a grammatical error on a sign presumably intended to warn passers by of swooping magpies. The Watsonia Bugle was recently contacted by one such resident who remains unclear about what a magpie’s “swooping” actually is.

While in certain circles an animal’s poo is referred to as “sweepings”, we feel that was not the intentions of the people who had the sign made, as bird poo appears on pretty much every street in the known world. The reader who contacted us requested to remain anonymous but did say, “This has been bugging me for years! I mean, if you’re gunna go to the trouble of getting a proper sign made up you could at least run the wording past a few people first.”

Another resident, who also requested anonymity, contacted us separately and questioned without literacy levels among young kids in the area would be impacted by the sign. He said, “It just makes you wonder. Some kid walks past that sign everyday after school and grows up thinking that’s how you write. The long-term ramifications of this sign could be enormous.”