A local man who wears Havaianas thongs with the flag of a foreign country on them likes to think he travels a bit. Even though Sam Jones has never actually been to Brazil, he still chose the white knock-off Havaianas with the Brazilian flag on them during a recent trip to Bali because he loves to “spread me wings a bit and see the world”.

When quizzed on which countries he had been to, 37-year-old Jones said he’d only actually been to Bali, Fiji and New Zealand but that, “Travel’s in me blood man, it’s a big wide world beyond Australia, there’s plenty more that I want to see. And ‘Havis’ are a bloody institutions man, all us travellers wear them. Did you know they’re actually a Brazilian company?”

When asked whether he thought the knock-off Bali versions he was wearing had also been manufactured in Brazil, Jones had no clear answer, except to say, “As if I’m gunna spend over 20 bucks on a pair of thongs mate”. At this point in the conversation things turned a bit weird, and Jones abruptly ended the interview by saying, “Anyways mate, I’d best get going. Time is money.”