Reports have surfaced this week of a large unidentified creature roaming the Plenty Gorge Parklands, with multiple sources contacted The Watsonia Bugle to report a sighting. While no plausible photographic evidence has been produced at this stage, local residents are reportedly concerned that the possible sasquatch will soon enter their backyards in search of food.

The Plenty Gorge Parklands, which are technically in Bundoora, border Greensborough and sit just over the Ring Road from Watsonia North. While an array of native wildlife – including kangaroos, echidnas and wombats – are regularly seen in the area, this is believed to be the first suggestion of a Big Foot being spotted.

Local resident, Ken Huntington, swears that he saw what he described as, “A bloody big hairy thing scurrying into the bushes and heading down towards the creek”. When he spoke to The Watsonia Bugle yesterday, Huntington said, “I don’t know what it was, but I sure as hell don’t want that thing wandering around in me backyard at night pinching me wife’s undies off the washing line or spooking me dog”.

Another local, Rebecca Taylor, whose house backs onto Plenty Gorge Parklands claims she saw a similar looking creature last Sunday night when she was out on her back porch having a post-meal cigarette. She said, “I was just sitting out on me deck having a durrie when I spotted this big shadowy figure about 70, maybe 80, metres past the back fence. But by the time I’d reached for me phone to take a photo the big bugger was gone, disappeared into the night. It really gave me the heebie jeebies.”

While most of the park rangers in the area refused to go on the record about the reported sightings, they all expressed scepticism about the claims. The one who did talk to us in more detail, on the strict condition of anonymity, told us, “We’ve heard it all before around here. Back in the late-80s people were sayin’ there was big cats out there in the bush. We spent about four weeks trying to track them and found nothing. It’s all baloney mate.”

He also suggested that some residents were hallucinating after consuming too much alcohol. He said, “Now with that new estate out the back there, a lot of them cashed up bogans sit out on their balconies at night, have a skinful of whatever pre-mix cans are on special that week at BWS, and then they start seeing stuff. Happens all the time mate.”

Wildlife expert, and regular visitor to the area, Carol Jenkins told us, “I doubt it’s a sasquatch to be honest. Usually in those cases someone sees something that they don’t understand so they just jump to conclusions. There’s some pretty big kangas up in that area, so maybe it was one of them. Or, more than likely, it’s probably some big bloke who hasn’t shaved his holiday beard off yet and has gone bush to avoid going back to work in the new year. While that’s a problem in itself, it’s no Big Foot.”