A Watsonia woman has finally become a real adult by no longer adding sugar to her coffees. The coming-of-age moment has been a gradual process, as Rebecca Taylor tentatively reduced the amount of sugar she added over the last seven years.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, 29-year-old Taylor said she felt relieved to have finally made the big step. She also added, “I just knew I had to do it at some stage, and while I’ve dreaded it for a long time it’s actually not that bad. My friends had been razzing me about it for ages, so now they’ll have to find something new to ridicule me about, like maybe my large nose, elongated forehead, or penchant for getting drop down drunk after a few wines.”

Taylor also said that the bold move had given her so much more confidence when entering a café to order her coffee. She said, “It’s quite empowering. When they ask if I want sugar, I just hold my head high and say ‘oh, no thanks’. I’m still working on how I can say that with just a polite hint of disdain for those who take sugar with their coffee. I’ll get there eventually.”