A local bald man has applauded Prince William’s new hairdo, telling The Watsonia Bugle that he’d been saying for years that it was time Will got the clippers out. While Wills reportedly didn’t actually use clippers for his close cut – instead opting for a scissors and comb technique that set him back a cool $300 – Watsonia man Ben Davidson said he was proud of the Prince for accepting defeat.

According to Davidson, “It’s a few years too late but I’m proud of old Willy boy. He’s been hanging on for a while now but it’s good to see he’s accepted defeat and can now get on with the rest of his life, whatever that may entail.”

Davidson claims he’s been telling his wife Rebecca for years that Prince William should just “shave it all off”, but she kept telling him that the crew cut look was probably deemed inappropriate for a King in waiting. Davidson said, “But, you know, it’s 2018 now. What a world we live in. Charles has made a few snide remarks about Will’s nest in the last few years, but at least his son hasn’t gone for a rotten old comb over. Good on ya Will.”