An achingly hip millennial has been overheard telling friends that spreading vegemite onto toast is now a real “old school but totally boss move”. And if we believe just half of the click bait articles circulating around the internet at the moment it seems vegemite is being added to just about everything but toast – including hamburgers, sausages, ice creams and chocolate.

When questioned about her comments, the millennial in question, who gave her name only as “Chayse”, told The Watsonia Bugle, “Well, it’s like just not the done thing now you know? Bread is like so off trend at the moment, so toast is kind of on the outer as a result. So, the other day, when I saw my grandpa like smearing vegemite all over some white bread toast I just thought, ‘OMG, that’s like such an old school but totally boss move’.”

Asked whether she’d actually tried any of the alternative vegemite products Chayse replied, “Well not like yet man, but it’s totes on my bucket list yeah”.