A local woman is allegedly considering a backflip on her previously strong gender equality stance after not receiving an extra life during a particularly heated game of backyard cricket yesterday. The woman, Tanya Wilton, was reportedly unhappy when she was knocked over by a fast yorker bowled by her brother on just the third ball of her innings. An awkward silence then followed as Tanya paused at the crease and waited for a reprieve that never came.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle following the day’s play, Tanya’s brother Dave, the bowler responsible for her dismissal, said it was time his sister started walking the walk. He said, “We’ve been listening to her message for quite a while now, you know, all the stuff she shares and comments on on Facebook, so why shouldn’t that extend to the backyard cricket pitch? For years now she’s been given the benefit of the doubt, plus an extra life or two per knock, and it’s time she lived like the rest of us. She needs to understand the cold terror of knowing that one mistake with the bat can cost you your innings and banish you to an afternoon of fielding.”

Dave insisted that his hard line stance doesn’t change his own views on gender equality. He said, “I’m all for it mate, no problem. That’s why I wouldn’t budge. I knocked her over fair and square. But she just stood there waiting for us all to chuck her an extra life. I was just like, ‘not this time Tanya, not this time’. Eventually she departed the crease, but she didn’t really say much to me for the rest of the arvo. Tell your story walking sis.”

This afternoon, Tanya was still obviously shaken by the tough love shown by her brother, and refused to go on the record with The Watsonia Bugle. Although, she did acknowledge that she may now have to curb her previously cavalier approach with the bat.