In a disturbing sign of modern times, Watsonia dad Tim Davis has forgotten his own 2-year-old son’s birthday, citing his son’s lack of Facebook account as the reason for his absent mindedness. Claiming that Facebook is the only way he knows it’s any of his friends’ birthdays, Davis has extended this to immediate family members, even though he describes the birth of his son as “one of the greatest days of my life – a real game changer”.

Bemoaning Facebook’s inability to assist him in remembering his son’s special day, Davis said “it’s a bloody joke. I get notifications every day that it’s such-and-such’s birthday, you know, someone I went to school with 20 years ago, someone I used to work with 10 years ago, the kind of people that if I saw them in real life I would literally cross the street to avoid talking to. And yet just cos my son Lachie doesn’t have a Facebook account I can’t get a notification to remind me of his birthday!”

Despite his wife giving him a long list of date remembering techniques and smartphone apps, Davis pig-headedly refused to take any personal responsibility for his actions. Lachie, still clearly shaken by the events on the morning of his recent birthday, was unavailable for comment.