In an anonymous survey conducted by the Wedding Attendees Gazette, 87% of respondents believed that people who caption their wedding pics with “wedding fun” don’t actually have real fun. Usually captioned on a lame selfie sitting at a table, or standing under a tree during pre-dinner drinks, it’s believed that the term “wedding fun” is a last-ditched attempt to fool your Instagram followers into thinking that you’re a party animal.

In reality, the wildest thing “wedding fun” taggers are likely to do at weddings is put a “silly” hat on in the photo booth and maybe have two slices of cake instead of one. While that may constitute “fun” for a small proportion of the population, the survey indicates that 87% of wedding attendees wholeheartedly disagree.

Keen user of the term “wedding fun”, and Watsonia resident, Dani Campbell, disputed the findings of the study during a brief interview with The Watsonia Bugle. Campbell said, “As if! Using that term has become a key ingredient in having fun at a wedding. It is now synonymous with a good night. If I don’t use that hashtag on an Insta photo, I don’t have fun. Take that science!”