A Macleod woman has proven her serious tennis dork credentials by sitting through an entire match of tennis doubles at the Australian Open. And, in addition to watching the entire match, Rebecca Parry claims she actually enjoyed it and that doubles was “how tennis is supposed to be played”.

While we’ve previously discussed the questionable senses of humour in keen tennis fans, this enthusiasm for doubles tennis is taking it to a whole new level. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Parry said, “Doubles is just so much better. It’s fast, there’s the team element, and it’s a lot less predictable than singles. I love the second week of the Aussie Open because doubles finally gets some air time on Channel 7. It’s the best.”

Parry also spoke in glowing praise of doubles rock stars the Bryan brothers, telling us, “Oh, they’re so good. Forget Federer, they’re the kings of tennis. Did you know that they are identical twins? How amazing is that? I just love them.”