Questions are being asked all over Australia as fragrance lovers try to ascertain exactly what a new cricket scented deodorant actually smells like. Rexona recently released the new fragrance and are currently advertising it through their strong endorsement of the Australian cricketing summer.

According to local cricketer Gavin Pollard, cricket is probably the last sport whose natural aroma a deodorant company should be trying to emulate. He said, “If it smells anything like my cricket bag they’re in strife! I mean, the stuff that ends up in there, it’s a potent combo of sweat, aged leather, grass stains, maybe some stale beer, the hint of English willow, and then just some more sweat.”

While Pollard admits that it’s unlikely that the deodorant will actually emulate the the smell coming out of his cricket bag, he hopes it manages to encapsulate one of the unique flavours of the game. He said, “Worse than anything that’s growing in my kit bag, I really hope they haven’t captured the scent of being hideously hungover, the captain losing the toss and bowling, spending a hot arvo in the field chasing some serious leather, dropping a catch off the team’s angry spinner, then being padded up as the night watchman and getting out for a duck on the second last over of the day. That’s a smell of pure desperation, fear, self-loathing and defeat that does not need to be re-visited.”