A Watsonia man has sold his beloved ute in response to the incessant requests from mates to help him move stuff on the weekends. Paul Sampson has finally made the heartbreaking sale after what he estimates as up to four years of helping mates, and casual acquaintances, move all kinds of different stuff that doesn’t fit into a sedan or 4WD.

With the sale officially made last night, Sampson spent the night drowning his sorrows before speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this morning. He said, “It just broke me heart mate, but it really was the most logical option. Me parents have got a holiday house down the beach but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been down there in the last four years because I’m always getting people calling me up or texting asking me if I can ‘give them a hand’. It’s a disaster mate.”

While Sampson admitted that he had problems saying no to people, he said that on the odd occasions when he actually did say no to friends they would just push the issue and make him change his mind. Sampson said, “I dunno what that’s all about. Maybe I’m too nice or something. That car was my baby, and now it’s gone.”