A new not-for-profit group taking aim at group photos at weddings has been formed and is gathering considerable momentum, particularly in the midst of the current wedding season. Known as the Coalition For The Cessation Of Group Photos At Weddings (CFTCOGPAW), the organisation started with a small yet passionate bunch of people and has since grown into a veritable tidal wave.

CFTCOGPAW’s spokesperson, Roger Stanton, spoke to The Watsonia Bugle this week as news of their campaign started to capture the attention of mainstream media. “Enough is enough. For too long now wedding attendees have been forcibly corralled into uncomfortable formations and told by impossibly happy photographers ‘if you can’t see my lense, you won’t be in the photo’. It’s always such a frustrating downer in between the uplifting atmosphere of the ceremony and the euphoric excitement of starting to get drunk on free booze.”

Stanton even went as far as to say that no married couple ever uses the photos in the aftermath of the big day. “It’s not like you ever walk into a couple’s house and see the group photo hanging on their wall. They almost always opt for the cute cuddling photo of just them. Maybe one time I saw it used as the thank you card, but really, it’s unnecessary.”

Stanton claims that CFTCOGPAW could have even more devotees but most people are too scared to voice their honest opinion in case it costs them an invite to an upcoming wedding. “I’ve had a lot of people say they agree with us on principle but just won’t go public for fear of being labelled ‘party poopers’ or ‘ungrateful pricks’ by their friends, especially the engaged ones”.