Social media platforms are reportedly bracing for the annual influx of Back to School related posts this week. With the majority of local schools returning to business this week, newsfeeds are expected to be flooded with cute photos of kids standing nervously at the school gates or on their own driveway being weighted down by oversized school bags.

According to an insider from one such social media platform, preparations for this week take months of planning and special project teams working round the clock to cope with the increased uploading of data. The insider said, “The traffic of this week rivals the Christmas and New Year week, it’s chaotic. Preparations generally start in November just to make sure we don’t get overwhelmed.”

Meanwhile, local mum Kate Stephens claims the popular Back to School post is an integral part of her social media calendar. She said, “It’s just a no-brainer really. The kids look adorable, and their uniforms look the best they’ll ever look. It’s always good for a few likes. We’re talking somewhere in the vicinity of 80 likes for a simple Facebook post. Sometimes I’ll even crack triple figures. It’s gold.”