A local couple has literally been torn apart after complications arose during the co-wearing of one of those two-headed sweaters that have been doing the rounds on social media this week. Lisa Sales and Brent Fraser were ahead of the zeitgeist two weeks ago by ordering a sweater online and were over the moon when it arrived in the mail on Friday.

The Watsonia couple then chose to debut the item at a BBQ with friends yesterday afternoon, but issues arose before they’d even left their house. Just walking out the front door seemed like a logistical nightmare, and then when they reached the car they realised they’d have to take it off to be able to drive.

Reflecting on the ordeal later, Fraser said, “That was the first red flag, I should’ve seen that coming. And then when we actually arrived at our friends’ place the situation just got worse. I literally couldn’t get away from Lisa at all. So every one of her annoying habits were just amplified and after an hour I just blew up, ripped the jumper down the middle, ordered an Uber and went home.”

Mutual friends of the couple were shocked by the outburst and left to console Lisa after Brent’s dramatic departure. Lisa later said, “It’s my fault, it was my idea. I thought it would be cute you know, and show off to our friends how much Brenty and I love each other. Plus I knew it would be social media gold. One photo of us wearing it, with the right Insta filter, would rate well on all platforms.”

While yesterday’s blow up would seem to jeopardise the future of their relationship, Brent claims this doesn’t have to mean the end. He told The Watsonia Bugle, “I still love her. I really do. It’s just that no couple should be expected to co-exist like that. It’s not healthy.”