An otherwise innocent game of Family Feud yesterday afternoon quickly spiralled into an actual family feud in Greensborough. The Wilson family had gathered around the dining room table after an enjoyable lunch when someone uttered those fateful words: “Hey, we should play a board game”.

While Grandma was the most enthusiastic about choosing Family Feud, telling everyone she quite fancies that Grant “Denya”, she became the first to crack under the intense pressure of guessing the opinions of 100 strangers on a random topic. After only 15 minutes of general play, Grandma pushed herself away from the table, stood up and yelled, “Well this is just ridiculous! Who are these 100 people? Where did they find them? They’re bloody morons the lot of them!”

The family was then split in two as various members either supported Grandma’s bold stance or took the opportunity to further goad her. According to 27-year-old Ryan Wilson, “It was just merciless mate. Grandma was obviously upset but half of us just kept winding her up. Haha.”