A rather disgruntled bird has spoken out about what he describes as exploitation on the set of Angry Birds. The bird, who requested to be simply known as “Red”, lifted the lid on what he described as, “A terribly flawed workplace where we were constantly required to go above and beyond in the difficult pursuit of justice against those rotten pigs”.

The video game Angry Birds was first created last decade, and quickly spread across the globe, making its creators millions of dollars. However, this seems to be the first time one of the famous birds has spoken out about what it took to film and create such a high profile game.

Red first contacted The Watsonia Bugle two weeks ago and, over the course of the last fortnight, has contacted us on and off to reveal more about the troubled workplace once performed in. He described terrible working conditions were he and his fellow birds were repeatedly flung from oversized slingshots into castles and other constructions in a brave attempt to overthrow their mortal enemies: the pigs.

Red said, “At first we were up for the battle, you know, those pigs are the worst and we wanted to get them back for stealing our many different tenements. But as the saga went on, we started to realise that we were just pawns in a big game of chess. They kept asking more and more of us. People say there’s a concussion epidemic in contact sports these days? Well that’s got nothing on the repeated head knocks that we copped for years. Too much was never enough for the producers.”

While Red claims that he has found some form of normality in his life again, after two years away from the game, he said he still gets regular flashbacks. He said, “It comes back to me at the strangest times. Just brushing my teeth, playing with my kids, I don’t think I’ll ever fully recover from the experience. I’ve just learnt to get on with my life as best I can.”