The 1987 Plenty River Drive Billy Cart Race champion has declared that he would’ve been alright at The Luge event currently capturing the hearts and minds of Winter Olympics fans. Brad Finlayson believes that had he been “born in a different place in a different time” he could’ve become Australia’s first Winter Olympics gold medallist in the popular event.

Finlayson, who won the 1987 title in one of the most entertaining finishes in the race’s history, told The Watsonia Bugle that the skills required for a top flight billy cart driver were directly transferable to The Luge. He said, “Yeah mate, same same. It would’ve been a piece of piss. Have you seen how steep Plenty River Drive is? And it’s made of asphalt too, so you needed balls of steel to tackle that monster.”

While Finlayson was unable to describe any of the technical requirements required by participants in The Luge, he insisted that with the right training he would’ve been a champion. He said, “If I was born in a different place in a different time, like, you know, somewhere in Europe and near the snow, I would’ve been luging from a young age, just like I was billy carting back in the 80s around Greensy. Unfortunately billy carting hasn’t quite been accepted as an Olympic sport, plus I’m too old to compete now anyway. But I reckon I would’ve done alright.”