Last night’s trial of a new drive thru at a local supermarket has been declared a failure after a motorist missed the entrance and instead ploughed into the front door of the store. While initial predictions were that a drive thru supermarket would be a game changer in the industry, it is believed the plan will now be abandoned.

Why the motorist thought the supermarket would be open at 1.30am last night is unknown, but it didn’t stop them from getting away with a quantity of goods and cash, not even sticking around to help clean up the mess caused by their accident. While investigations into the matter have commenced in earnest this morning, the inventor of the drive thru idea, Callum Rimmington, is reportedly disappointed with the failed trial.

Rimmington told The Watsonia Bugle, “Alot of time and effort went into this idea, so naturally I’m devastated that it has failed. Perhaps we needed clearer signage of the entrance and the opening times.”