A local toddler has reportedly made his first ever drug deal just days after obtaining his own pair of Nike Shox. Four-year-old Fraser Grantham was first seen wandering up and down Greensborough’s Main Street wearing the Nike Shox, a pair of baggy tracksuit pants, a t-shirt, and a bumbag strapped over one shoulder.

Occasionally, Grantham would stop to talk to passers by, asking them, “Hey man, you want some of the good stuff?” Those initial attempts to find a solid customer base were laughed off, before he eventually found a kindred spirit and made his first deal.

Both authorities and Grantham’s parents are deeply concerned by the young man’s new business venture. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, his father said, “We just couldn’t believe it when we were told. How could a simple shoe purchase have such a devastating impact on his behaviour? Before this, Frase was very much on the straight and narrow, a really solid citizen.”